Smaller Footprint, Global Impact

OREM, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Turner Imaging Systems, a leader in advanced X-ray imaging technologies, has partnered with LifeBridge Sinai Hospital in Baltimore to provide a SMART-C® mini C-arm system for a humanitarian mission in Liberia.

Dr. John Herzenberg, M.D., and colleagues from LifeBridge Sinai Hospital in Baltimore recently volunteered for a week at St. Timothy’s Government Hospital in Liberia, West Africa to perform complex orthopedic cases on underserved patients. The hospital lacked stable power and fluoroscopic surgical imaging equipment, therefore the team traveled with the SMART-C ®, a mini C-arm which allows extremity surgeries to be performed virtually anywhere due to its battery-powered portability.

“Liberia was the most resource-challenged country that I’ve ever been to,” says Dr. Herzenberg, who has vast experience in international medical missions to Haiti and other countries over the past 24 years. “For one young patient, the team performed guided growth, which was never before attempted in Liberia. They implanted a small plate to influence the growth over a year or two, enabling the legs to straighten without the need for cutting bone.”

“In order to do this, you absolutely need a C-arm because you have to place one screw above the growth plate and one screw below the growth plate. You can’t do that without an X-ray in the operating room…. On previous missions, we have had to turn away patients due to the lack of intraoperative imaging equipment, the SMART-C ® provided a new orthopedic surgical capability where we can treat patients where we never imagined,” Dr. Herzenberg explains.

Turner Imaging Systems CEO and Founder, Dr. D. Clark Turner stated: “Humanitarian service work is at the core of Turner Imaging’s mission. To learn of the role that the SMART-C played in guiding complex surgical procedures in remote locations, which positively impacted patient outcomes, is something that the team at Turner Imaging is incredibly proud of. We are pleased that our ​portable mini C-arm is impacting lives and transcending borders. We thank all the members involved in this mission and look forward to many more years of partnership together.”

Turner Imaging Systems is committed to promoting health equity with advanced fluoroscopy solutions. If you or a colleague need a reliable mini C-arm in a remote setting, contact our team today to learn about SMART-C ® offers for doctors contributing to health equity.

For more information please visit and follow @TurnerImagingSystems on LinkedIn. To learn more about our mission support in Liberia, read our customer story.


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