• EASE® has signed its first customer in Nigeria, introducing its “equipment-as-a-service” model to Nigeria’s healthcare sector.
  • Through EASE®, HTS Diagnostic Centre, an affiliate of Hospital for Trauma and Surgery (HTS), is set to receive Nigeria’s first Siemens Magnetom Free.Star MRI scanner – the latest in low-helium MRI technology.
  • HTS will provide top-tier laboratory and diagnostic imaging services to residents of Lagos.

LAGOS, Nigeria–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EASE®, a subsidiary of African Asset Finance Company (AAFC), today announces the signing of its first customer – HTS Diagnostic Centre (HTS) – and the launch of its Healthcare program in Nigeria.

EASE®’s innovative pay-per-use program will enable HTS to pay for the installation and use of a new Siemens Magnetom Free.Star Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner from the cashflows generated by using the equipment. By providing “equipment-as-a-service”, the EASE® Healthcare program is supporting medical organisations like HTS to deliver the highest standards of care to their patients by making access to the latest medical technology more cost-effective.

“We are thrilled to bring the latest low-helium MRI technology to a promising diagnostic centre in Lagos, Nigeria,” said Kanyinsola Oyeyinka, AAFC’s VP Healthcare, responsible for AAFC’s EASE® Healthcare program across the continent. “With its promises of higher quality imaging and greater energy savings, HTS will be well positioned to deliver the highest standard of care to its patients.”

Imraan Soomra, Chief Operations Officer of AAFC, added: “The Healthcare program is a significant element in our wider EASE® initiative, and we take pride in making quality medical infrastructure more readily accessible for our customers. Not only does the program ultimately benefit their organisation, but it also improves the quality of health services and overall health outcomes. I am particularly excited about this partnership with HTS led by Dr.Badmus and believe that it will be a steppingstone towards more opportunities for us to expand the availability of state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment for patients across Nigeria.”

Since its establishment in 2019, Hospital for Trauma and Surgery has made its name as a leading orthopaedic specialist hospital, performing over 500 surgical procedures since opening its doors. The new diagnostic centre will be able to offer MRI services to HTS’ growing patient population in Lagos state.

Through the EASE® pay-per-scan solution, the HTS Diagnostic Centre can now offer a broader range of services with its new Siemens MRI scanner without facing an up-front capital expense, instead paying for its use from the cashflows generated while using the equipment.

“Our pay-per-use model will ensure that HTS is not only able to access the highest quality equipment but also benefit from continuous maintenance, operator training and ongoing support, enabling HTS to deliver a more consistent and reliable service to its patients,” said Mustapha Afinowi, EASE® Nigeria’s Senior Business Development Manager.

Dr. Badmus, founder of HTS Diagnostic Centre and CEO of HTS commented: “With EASE®, we’re able to access the latest technology from Siemens Healthineers that will allow us to offer the highest quality images and a reliable service to all our clients. This new scanner will support our goal to be a market leader in providing quality diagnostic services in Lagos state.”

Dr Bernt Bieber, Senior Vice President, Siemens Healthineers, said: “EASE® provides the customer an alternative to investing in the equipment outright, with flexible terms, and with the possibility to pay in local currency. It aligns with our purpose of making healthcare available to everyone, no matter where they live, and could meaningfully change the way healthcare is administered and accessed amid growing demand in Africa. We are excited that this great program is now also available in Nigeria!”

The Siemens Healthineers Magnetom Free.Star belongs to a new generation of scanners with excellent image quality and innovative design. It allows HTS to provide a reliable MRI service and meet the diagnostic needs of its patients with lower risk of service interruption due to power fluctuations and helium loss.

About EASE®

Equipment-as-a-Service (EASE®) is a pay-per-use program, powered by AAFC, that provides businesses and organisations with cost-effective access to state-of-the-art equipment – including maintenance, training and support – with terms that match their circumstances and business needs. By reducing an organisation’s CapEx, EASE® enables businesses to grow, freeing up financial resources to be used to expand operations, bring on additional labour or invest in additional assets.

To find out more about EASE®, visit https://www.easeglobal.com.

About HTS Diagnostic Centre

HTS Diagnostic Centre is a new diagnostic centre which provides laboratory and diagnostic imaging services in Lagos, Nigeria. It is an affiliate of the Hospital for Trauma and Surgery, a highly reputable and growing provider of orthopaedic, trauma and complex spine surgery. HTS Hospital a 30-bed private, for-profit orthopaedic hospital which has performed over 500 surgical procedures since its establishment in 2019.


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